• This online facility is applicable only to pay Francis Alukkas Existing Gold and Diamond Purchase Scheme Members. Cannot settle or close the scheme through online.
  • Even after payment the Mode of Pay may show ”PROCESSING“as it takes 48 hrs. for confirmation.
  • Members have to provide Scheme ID number, mobile number (while joining the scheme) and email address. Scheme members have the option to view the current status and pay installment. We shall try to send the transaction receipt by email.
  • The date on which the payments received at Francis Alukkas Account, that would be the date marked as the amount received date. Additional transaction charge should be paid for each transaction. Transaction charge will be shown on the online screen. Transaction charge will vary depending on the amount and payment transaction mode. Also, transaction charge will not be added to your installment amount and cannot be canceled or refunded.
  • Apart from this, all the rules and regulations in the application form, while joining the scheme will be applicable.
  • But for some technical reasons if your payment is not successful or if it fails to reach us, Francis Alukkas management shall not be responsible. Hacking, Fishing, Virus malfunctioning etc. happens we shall not be responsible as this is not within our limit. If frequent errors occur, please contact our Customer Care, and you may do the transaction only after clearing.
  • If a necessity comes Francis Alukkas Management reserves the full right to affect any changes or withdraw the scheme altogether at any time. Any queries you may mail to easygold@francisalukkas.com.